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Top Estonia Attractions

  • Walking around picturesque Old Town Tallinn and admiring the medieval architecture
  • Hiking, biking, and viewing wildlife at Lahemaa National Park
  • Relaxing on the beach or at the spa in seaside Pãrnu
  • Skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding at Otepää, one of Europe’s best ski resorts
  • Attending a summer music festival and enjoying the traditional Estonian folk music
  • Tasting Estonian cuisine, such as homemade bread, stews, and rhubarb pie
  • Exploring Tartu University and the Estonian National Museum while partaking in the intellectual culture of the city
  • If you’re lucky, seeing the Tuhala Witch’s Well after rainfall as the geyser bubbles and floods the surrounding areas

Estonia Tours & Travel Guide

Estonia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

The northernmost Baltic state in Europe, Estonia is closely related to Finland in culture and language. With human history in the area dating back to the end of the glacial era, Estonia is a perfect place for archaeology and history enthusiasts. Once a part of the Soviet Union, Estonia reclaimed its independence in 1991, and today is well worth a visit for scenery, history, and culture.

Why visit Estonia on a guided tour?

A guided tour is a great way to see Estonia and neighboring countries. Estonia is a country with a rich cultural heritage. An experienced guide will have vast knowledge of Estonia and bring you to the best places to immerse yourself in the culture

For solo travelers, traveling with a tour group offers opportunities to meet new people who also love to travel. In a group, you have the option to go off on your own or stick with other tour members when exploring a new place. Group trips also provides a sense of safety to solo travelers who may feel apprehensive about traveling alone.

Using a tour company instead of booking independently also allows travelers to fully experience the beauty and culture of the destination without worrying about logistics. If your ideal itinerary includes visiting multiple destinations in the region, a tour company is able to arrange transportation and lodging. Relying on a tour company to take care of logistics saves you time and energy on your trip-- you can just focus on enjoying all that Estonia has to offer.

Packing List for Estonia Tours

Your packing list for an Estonia tour will depend on the season. Winters in Estonia are notoriously cold; thick jackets, hats, and boots are necessary for winter tours, especially winter ski tours in the mountains.

Chilly temperatures last well into the spring, so be sure to bring jackets, gloves, and scarves when visiting in March, April, or May. If you’re visiting in the summer months, the weather will generally be warm, but be sure to bring a layer or two. Even the warmest summer days in Estonia may be considered mild elsewhere, with temperatures rarely exceeding 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

For those visiting one or more of the country’s national parks, be sure to bring a comfortable pair of hiking shoes or cycling shoes, depending on your intended activity. And if Pãrnu or another seaside town is on your itinerary, don’t forget a swimsuit!

Cities in Estonia

  1. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and a must-see for any visitor. It is said to be the best-preserved medieval in Europe, reflected in its stunning architecture and cobblestoned streets. Tallinn boasts a variety of museums, restaurants, and hotels. Tallinn Airport is the biggest airport in Estonia, so Tallinn is a perfect place to begin or end your journey.
  2. Pärnu is a resort city which lies on the Baltic Sea. It is a very popular summer destination for those looking to relax on the beach or hit the spa. 
  3. Tartu is home to the famous University of Tartu, one of the oldest universities in Europe. Tours of Tartu may include exploring historic Old Town and visiting the many famous museums including the Estonian National Museum.
  4. Narva is a great destination for anyone interested in learning more about Estonian history. The city sits on the border of Estonia and Russia and is known as a melting pot of cultures. Tours are available of many of the castles and galleries.

Cultural Attractions in Estonia

From exploring museums to enjoying traditional folk music, visitors to Estonia have a variety of cultural experiences to choose from. The capital city of Tallinn is a wonderful place to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage. 

The Estonian Open Air Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Estonia, attracting visitors of all ages. This “living” museum is a replica of an 18th-century medieval Estonian village. It is an excellent place to interact with costumed staff, explore the streets, and taste traditional Estonian cuisine. 

The sauna plays a major role in Estonian culture. For about 800 years, it has been said to be a place of healing for the body and soul. One common practice is “whisking,” which means to beat the body with birch twigs to exfoliate the skin. Visit a smoke sauna during your trip for a uniquely Estonian experience.

Take a tour on the historic Onion Route to learn about the history of the Old Believers, a religious group founded by Russians fleeing persecution from the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century. Visit the Kolkja Old Believers Museum to learn more about the unique culture and traditions of the group.

Estonian Cuisine

Traditional Estonian cuisine is generally centered around meat, fish, and potatoes. A variety of Estonian food draws inspiration from the cuisines of other countries, such as Russia, Germany, and Denmark.

The food also tends to change based on the season, with summer meals filled with vegetables, jams, and juices while winter meals lean towards stews and casseroles. Rhubarb pie and bread pudding are popular Estonian desserts. 

Be sure to try freshly baked bread during your visit. Homemade bread is very common in Estonia, and rye bread tends to be the most popular variety in all of the Baltic states.

Many Estonians have bread recipes passed down for generations. These recipes often include additions like berries, nuts, or even bacon. Bread is an important part of Estonian culture, and a trip to Estonia is not complete without visiting a local bakery.  

As for drinks, Vana Tallinn is a rum-like liquor which is the drink of choice for many locals. Some Estonians also enjoy brewing their own beer at home or visiting local breweries. A popular non-alcoholic drink option is Kali, which is a sweet drink similar to root beer.

If you’re looking to fully experience the variety of flavors in traditional Estonian cuisine, you may consider booking a food tour or homestay in Estonia.

Estonia Souvenirs

Many travelers enjoy bringing a souvenir home with them to gift to friends and family or remind them of their trip. While it can be tempting to purchase something at a gift shop, there are a few alternatives that are uniquely Estonian.

For example, Kalev is an Estonian chocolate company popular amongst locals and can be found at most candy shops and grocery stores. Tallinn is home to many small boutiques and shops; purchasing gifts and souvenirs locally is a great way to support small businesses.

Jewelry made in Estonia is perfect to give as a gift and your purchase will support a local jeweler. Another option is to buy Estonian-made clothing; because winters are so cold, wool and knitted clothing with traditional patterns are very popular.

Festivals in Estonia

Folk music festivals in Estonia are very popular, especially in the summer months. The Hiiu Folk Music Festival takes place on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa and is an especially fun event for families traveling with children. At this festival, you can learn traditional Estonian dances and songs while enjoying the July sunshine.

For another traditional experience, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival is held annually in late July in the village of Viljandi. The festival began over twenty years ago to promote traditional Estonain folk music and to increase its popularity amongst young people. It is now well known as one of the biggest folk music festivals in Europe

For a more modern experience, the Weekend Festival Baltic takes place in the seaside resort town of Pärnu and is an electronic dance music event. The festival is held right on the beach and famous previous performers include The Chainsmokers, Avicii, Post Malone, and David Guetta.

Top things to do in Tallinn

Tallinn is Estonia’s capital city and a hub of architecture, fine dining, and history. The city offers many free walking tours guided by locals who can provide unique expertise. The Old Town of Tallinn is the most popular tourist destination in Estonia, with medieval cathedrals and a variety of restaurants to choose from. 

Tallinn offers lively nightlife and there are many eccentric pubs and bars to choose from. Estonians enjoy locally brewed beers and spirits and Tallinn is a great place to mingle with locals and explore the unique bar scene.

For those in Tallinn on warmer days, Kadriorg Park is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon exploring and enjoying the sunshine. The park surrounds the colorful Presidential Palace and is also home to a variety of museums and monuments.

St. Olaf’s Church is a famous Tallinn tourist attraction and one of the most photographed and well-known sights of Tallinn. The church was built in the 12th century and remains an important cultural spot in Old Town.

For those interested in exploring Estonia’s history, the KGB museum and prison cells offer a look into Tallinn during the Soviet occupation. Visit the museum to view a variety of artifacts from the occupation, while the prison cells serve as a reminder of the brutality of the Soviet regime.

Outdoor Adventure Travel in Estonia

Estonia offers a variety of outdoor activities for travelers of all ages and levels of experience. Despite its small size, the country boasts five national parks and many more protected nature areas. 

Lahemaa National Park is the largest national park and is popular for its rare wildlife and great hiking and cycling trails. There are also many campgrounds for those looking to stay overnight. Its proximity to Tallinn makes it a great spot for a one-day or multi-day trip.

Estonia is also an incredible destination for winter sports. Cross-country skiers can take on the famous Tartu Ski Marathon track. Downhill and cross-country skiers alike will appreciate the slopes and runs of Oteppää, a world-famous winter resort popular amongst skiers and snowboarders. 

Cycling tours through Estonia are available for cyclists of all fitness levels and experience. Cycling is a fantastic way to see the country as it allows for exploration of the cities, beaches, and national parks. A cycling tour of Estonia may include visiting Lahemaa National Park, exploring the Old Town of Tallinn, or cycling on the beach in Jurmala.

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