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Top Namibia Attractions

    • Spotting the big cats -- lions, leopards, cheetahs -- as they approach the waterholes in Etosha National Park, sending zebras and antelope scattering.
    • Focusing your lens on the mammoth red dunes at Sossusvlei, perhaps the most photographed landscape features in all of Africa.
    • Tracking endangered black rhinos and desert-adapted elephants in the presence of a skilled guide.
    • Riding a hot air balloon over the desert to get the full view of the vast deserts below, a rugged patchwork of sands, plains, canyons, and mountains.
    • Encountering San -- with their distinctive clicking language -- and Himba tribal peoples whose ancestors have occupied these lands for millennia.
    • Coming upon ancient rock art depicting antelopes who look as though they could leap out from a nearby ravine today.
    • Visiting the isolated Skeleton Coast National Park to view the Cape fur seal colonies.
    • Drinking in the solitude and silence of a Namibian night while camping under a canopy of stars.
    • Relaxing at a lodge offering wellness treatments such as massage and mud therapy.

Namibia Tours & Travel Guide

Namibia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Dead trees in Sossusvlei desert

Travelers often overlook Namibia, a sparsely populated nation of two million tucked into the southwest corner of Africa and composed mostly of desert. But Namibia’s vast Kalahari (the third-largest subtropical desert in the world) and Namib deserts hold not just mineral wealth but growing tourist wealth as well. It’s well worth seeing why.

You’ve probably seen photographs of the gorgeous red dunes that grace the Sossusvlei region of Namibia. But you may not have heard of Etosha National Park, which ranks among the best game parks in Africa. Etosha shelters the Big Five (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and Cape buffalo) along with zebras, wildebeest, antelope, and many other species. A seasonal oasis in the arid desert of northern Namibia, the watering holes of Etosha draw animals from near and far, and you’re likely to witness nature “red in tooth and claw” when big cats stalk their unwary prey. Birdwatching is also excellent in Etosha, which is less crowded than many better-known African game parks.

Track Black Rhinos

Tracking black rhinos in Namibia

In Damaraland, northwest Namibia, you can track black rhinos and elephants that have learned to adapt to the arid desert. And in the Caprivi Strip, a panhandle-shaped sliver of land that makes up far northeastern Namibia, you’ll find a completely different landscape: lush, wet, and almost within earshot of the Zambezi’s roaring Victoria Falls. The Caprivi Strip contains several wildlife sanctuaries, particularly strong on birdlife, and offers the chance to take an uncrowded river safari.

For a largely off-the-beaten-path country, Namibia has a good tourist infrastructure, with decent if often deserted roads and good lodging for safari-goers. If you really want to experience the wild, however, sleeping under the stars is a popular way of spending the night at a remote camp. Ultimately, Namibia is a place to escape the crowds of better-known safari destinations, and to appreciate the solitude and silence that’s easy to find here. You can fly into far-flung destinations by small plane, ride helicopters or hot air balloons for scenic views, or join guided treks that take you deep into the desert.

Coastal Resort Towns

Himba tribe woman in Namibia

Along Namibia’s Atlantic coast, the Skeleton Coast National Park harbors fur seals and a few seaside resort towns that still retain a German flavor, left over from Namibia’s days as a colony called German South-West Africa. Besides game and dune viewing, many Namibia tours offer cultural explorations as well: whether it’s seeking out ancient pieces of rock art or encounters with the Bushmen whose ancestors created them. Some tours arrange visits to the Himba, Namibia’s indigenous semi-nomadic tribe.

While you can visit Namibia at any time of the year, the dry (and high) season, from June to October, is best for wildlife viewing in Etosha National Park, when animals gather at the watering holes. The low-season months of November to February are very hot, with afternoon rains sometimes breaking the heat. You won’t see as many animals then, though you might well see newborn animals as well as rich birdlife. Namibia’s winter (June-August) can bring cold temperatures in the early mornings and at night, so pack appropriate clothing.

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Appreciated efforts to be socially and environmentally

Our Botswana adventure was the best guided tour we have taken. It was our first with Intrepid and were impressed by the effort taken by our leader and driver to make...



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Absolutely most authentic trip

Absolutely most authentic trip,very well informed,always very prompt ,great communication,safety the utmost importance on this Safari,excellent Safari tour guides. U...

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