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Editor’s Take

What to Look For in Asia Tour Reviews

Most trip reviews tend to focus on some or all of these 5 key areas, not all of which may be relevant to you: the tour guide, travel company, service level, country or countries traveled in, and the trip itinerary.

Remember, just because you see a 1 star review doesn’t necessarily mean that person disliked the country.

Asia is the largest continent in the world which means when visiting you will encounter everything on the spectrum. You’ll see remote villages, cosmopolitan cities, and landscapes that are straight off a postcard. When visiting you’ll also meet a wide variety of people and be put into situations you may be unfamiliar with. 

Many of the positive reviews for Asia tours are the use of local guides and varied itineraries. With Asia’s vast and diverse landscape, having a local expert can help you understand and become fully immersed in the local culture. Some of the reviews praised the tour schedules for combining both city and rural destinations, allowing travelers to see both sides of a country. 

Activities such as eating home cooked meals, meeting local artisans, and hiking through the mountains or forests are some of the favorite activities in Asia. 

Negative reviews generally revolve around the expectations of the trip and timing. Many parts of Asia are underdeveloped and getting around the country may take longer than the itinerary states. Also, in many places in Asia, being on time isn’t the most important thing. Trains are often late and there may be delays at the top attractions (except in Japan!). 

Tour operators in Asia do their best to accommodate travelers and keep to a schedule. However, things do happen. Travelers who are used to precise schedules and timely departures of European tour groups for example may have a harder time adjusting to travel in Asia. 

Additionally, in some countries the quickest and most affordable way to travel is by bus or train. If you get car sick or wish for a more comfortable mode of transportation, checking into a tour operator that provides a more luxurious style may be best. 

If you want a slower tour or a more in-depth experience, booking with a tour operator that focuses on one country or a small area of Asia is a good choice. Many trips to Asia that cover long distances aren’t able to spend as much time in a destination, which means you aren’t able to explore. 

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