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Beautiful Bali

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Travel Style: You will have solid amounts of both free time and structured time with some activities and meals included. Mixed
Physical Level: Regular walking or cycling over moderately long, hilly, or bumpy distances. Some public transport or utility vehicles such as safari jeeps. Moderate
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
9 days
From: $ 930 $ 103 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • This trip will immerse you in Balinese culture – you'll eat street food, meet songket weavers, witness a traditional Kecak dance performance and visit a Hindu-Buddhist island temple.
  • A guided hike to the summit of Mt Batur will provide you with dazzling sunrise vistas that stretch across the Lombok Strait, all the way over to the peaks of Mt Rinjani.
  • The lovely, peaceful village of Sidemen is nestled in the lush Balinese hills. This is the perfect place to escape the tourists, and the heat!
  • Ubud is the artistic and cultural heart of Bali, enjoy a guided walk through the lush green surrounds and gain an insight into daily village life.
  • With hiking, cycling and snorkelling, this trip is steeped in outdoor activities. But there's also plenty of time to relax – bathe in hot springs or laze on the beach
  • Learn how to make a Balinese blessing and understand it's importance to the Balinese people.

Short Description

Travel to Bali and discover Indonesia's beautiful island escape. Dotted with small, character-filled villages, smouldering volcanoes rising out of lush rich fields, idyllic beaches and colourful reefs, Bali is the perfect island getaway. Conquer the slopes of simmering Mt Batur, explore an underwater world in Bali Barat National Park, feast on delicious Balinese cuisine and enjoy moments of absolute peace in Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, a Hindu–Buddhist lake temple dedicated to the goddess of the waters. Fall in love with the warmth of the people, the ornate customs and welcoming culture that are synonymous with beautiful Bali.

Small groups are usually defined as between 10 and 24 travelers, often less. If you're the kind of person who enjoys more intimate experiences and personal service this is a good choice. All else being equal you will pay a premium for this style vs a larger group tour.
Trip Type Small Group Tour
Spend most of the time outdoors. Common trip themes and activities include cycling, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting.
Itinerary Focus Active
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions All internal ground transport
Start City Ubud
End City Sanur



Attractions & Cities Visited

Bali Ubud

Activities & Interests

Culture Historic sightseeing

Age Requirement


No Single Supplement
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Day 1 Ubud

Om Swastiastu! Welcome to Ubud, Bali's largest Hindu town, and artistic and cultural heart. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm. Afterwards, perhaps head out to for a group meal at one of the delicious local restaurants.

Day 2 Ubud

Start the day with a guided walking tour (about 2.5 hours). Gain an insight into daily village life as you pass lush rice fields, an alang alang valley (type of wild grass used to make the roof of traditional buildings) and stop by a Balinese home for coffee. The tour ends in central Ubud, where you'll have time to explore the many cafes, galleries and shops on your own. In the evening sit down to a Kecak dance performance. Driven not by musical instruments, but by human chanting, this fascinating theatrical performance is considered a highlight by many travellers.

Day 3 Ubud - Sidemen

Today you’ll explore the area from a different angle – from the saddle of a bike. Enjoy a 2.5-hour tour through backstreets, villages and rice fields. It’s a relatively easy ride – much of the route is downhill – and there will be plenty of opportunities to stop for photos or a brief rest. You’ll also stop to check out some small, intricately carved temples, before concluding your bike tour back in Ubud. After refuelling at lunch, head for the hills to the village of Sidemen, travelling by private minivan (about 2 hours). Set against a backdrop of Bali's highest peak, Mt Agung, the peaceful village of Sidemen is proof that Bali still has some pockets that are untouched by tourism.

Day 4 Sidemen - Mt Batur

Take a morning walk (approximately 2 hours) around Sidemen, visiting the craftspeople of the local songket weaving industry, a traditional 'bungkus' lunch is included. The walk is a great chance to take in the beautiful scenery. Continuing your journey higher into the mountains, drive along the crater rim road to a fishing village on the edge of Lake Batur (approximately 2 hours). Volcanic Mt Batur (1717 metres/5633 feet) sits inside a stark and spectacular caldera and with Lake Batur below, it's a stunning sight. The lake supports the local fishing industry, while many of the villagers work as guides for the volcano climb. Your accommodation at the base of Mt Batur is a hotel with a restaurant. This is a great location to start tomorrow's early morning trek without extra travelling time.

Day 5 Mt Batur - Lovina

It’s a very early start today – you’ll have to wake at 3 am to begin the 1.5 to 2-hour walk to the summit of Mt Batur in order to reach it before sunrise. Trust us, it’s worth the effort. On a clear morning, it's possible to see all the way across the Lombok Strait to the peaks of Lombok's Mt Rinjani. The view of the gorgeous sunrise over the valleys of Bali may well be the most memorable part of your trip. Do keep in mind, however, that the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes the view is obscured by clouds. After descending the volcano, there's an option to soak in hot springs with fantastic views over the lake and caldera. Then make the journey from the mountains to the small coastal town of Lovina (approximately 3 hours). Lovina is famous for the dolphins that patrol its coast. It's also a great spot for fine food, traditional massages and yoga.

Day 6 Lovina

Enjoy a day of snorkelling amongst Menjangan Island’s coral reef, part of the Bali Barat National Park. You will travel 1.5 to 2 hours by road (each way) and then take a boat ride of around 20 mins into the National Park at Menjangan. On the way back, you’ll stop for a soak at Banjar Hot Springs, a small spring popular with locals. Tonight, head to Ibu Wayan's to learn about Balinese cuisine before sitting down to a home-cooked meal.

Day 7 Munduk - Bedugul

After breakfast, visit the local market then head to the tiny hilltop village of Munduk (approximately 1 hour) where you’ll walk through aromatic clove and coffee plantations to a spectacular hidden waterfall, (it’s a good idea to pack warm clothing as the early mornings and evenings can be quite cool). Continue inland and stop at Lake Bratan for a delightful view of Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, a Hindu-Buddhist temple set on a small island in the lake. Its then a short drive to the picturesque mountain town of Bedugul where you will spend the night.

Day 8 Bedugul - Sanur

Start the day with a drive to a village (approximately 30 minutes), where you’ll join a local family in making a traditional Balinese offering. Be welcomed into their home with a drink and delicious cake, before learning how to make an offering (canang) and gain a better understanding of this daily ritual that you will see all over Bali. Afterwards, visit their small spice garden and enjoy the surrounding views overlooking Batukaru Mountain. Continue by minivan to Sanur (approx 1.5 hours) and enjoy some free time there in the afternoon. Perhaps enjoy a stroll along Bali's first beachfront walk, watch the fishermen in the shallows or kick back and relax at one of the beachside restaurants. Get a feel for the traditions and local customs which are well maintained here. Ancient temples are also easily accessible – just a short distance away from the beach.

Day 9 Sanur

Your trip comes to an end after breakfast today.


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Price From $ 930
Price Per Day: $ 103 per day
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Jun-05-2021Jun-13-2021$ 1,005Yes12 spots left Reserve
Jun-12-2021Jun-20-2021$ 1,005Yes9 spots left Reserve
Jun-16-2021Jun-24-2021$ 1,005Yes12 spots left Reserve
Jun-19-2021Jun-27-2021$ 1,005Yes12 spots left Reserve
Jun-23-2021Jul-01-2021$ 1,075Yes10 spots left Reserve
Jun-26-2021Jul-04-2021$ 1,005Yes11 spots left Reserve
Jul-03-2021Jul-11-2021$ 1,015Yes11 spots left Reserve
Jul-05-2021Jul-13-2021$ 1,015Yes12 spots left Reserve
Jul-10-2021Jul-18-2021$ 1,015Yes10 spots left Reserve
Jul-12-2021Jul-20-2021$ 1,015Yes9 spots left Reserve
Jul-17-2021Jul-25-2021$ 1,015Yes9 spots left Reserve
Jul-19-2021Jul-27-2021$ 1,015Yes12 spots left Reserve
Jul-24-2021Aug-01-2021$ 1,015Yes11 spots left Reserve
Jul-28-2021Aug-05-2021$ 1,015Yes9 spots left Reserve
Jul-31-2021Aug-08-2021$ 1,015Yes8 spots left Reserve
Aug-02-2021Aug-10-2021$ 1,015Yes12 spots left Reserve
Aug-04-2021Aug-12-2021$ 1,015Yes9 spots left Reserve
Aug-07-2021Aug-15-2021$ 1,015Yes12 spots left Reserve
Aug-14-2021Aug-22-2021$ 1,035Yes8 spots left Reserve
Aug-21-2021Aug-29-2021$ 1,015Yes12 spots left Reserve
Aug-28-2021Sep-05-2021$ 975Yes10 spots left Reserve
Sep-04-2021Sep-12-2021$ 985Yes9 spots left Reserve
Sep-06-2021Sep-14-2021$ 985Yes10 spots left Reserve
Sep-11-2021Sep-19-2021$ 1,030YesSold Out Reserve
Sep-13-2021Sep-21-2021$ 965Yes12 spots left Reserve
Sep-18-2021Sep-26-2021$ 965Yes11 spots left Reserve
Sep-25-2021Oct-03-2021$ 965Yes11 spots left Reserve
Sep-27-2021Oct-05-2021$ 930Yes10 spots left Reserve
Oct-02-2021Oct-10-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Oct-04-2021Oct-12-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Oct-09-2021Oct-17-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Oct-16-2021Oct-24-2021$ 930Yes9 spots left Reserve
Oct-23-2021Oct-31-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Oct-30-2021Nov-07-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Nov-06-2021Nov-14-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Nov-13-2021Nov-21-2021$ 950Yes7 spots left Reserve
Nov-20-2021Nov-28-2021$ 930Yes11 spots left Reserve
Nov-27-2021Dec-05-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Dec-04-2021Dec-12-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Dec-11-2021Dec-19-2021$ 930Yes12 spots left Reserve
Dec-18-2021Dec-26-2021$ 965Yes10 spots left Reserve
Dec-20-2021Dec-28-2021$ 965Yes12 spots left Reserve
Dec-22-2021Dec-30-2021$ 965Yes12 spots left Reserve
Dec-25-2021Jan-02-2022$ 965Yes11 spots left Reserve
Dec-27-2021Jan-04-2022$ 965Yes12 spots left Reserve
Jan-01-2022Jan-09-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jan-05-2022Jan-13-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jan-08-2022Jan-16-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Feb-02-2022Feb-10-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Feb-05-2022Feb-13-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Feb-12-2022Feb-20-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Feb-19-2022Feb-27-2022$ 1,025No10 spots left Reserve
Mar-05-2022Mar-13-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Mar-09-2022Mar-17-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Mar-12-2022Mar-20-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Mar-16-2022Mar-24-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-02-2022Apr-10-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-06-2022Apr-14-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-09-2022Apr-17-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-13-2022Apr-21-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-16-2022Apr-24-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-23-2022May-01-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Apr-30-2022May-08-2022$ 1,025No11 spots left Reserve
May-04-2022May-12-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
May-07-2022May-15-2022$ 1,025No11 spots left Reserve
May-11-2022May-19-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
May-14-2022May-22-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
May-18-2022May-26-2022$ 1,025No10 spots left Reserve
May-21-2022May-29-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
May-30-2022Jun-07-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Jun-04-2022Jun-12-2022$ 1,105No9 spots left Reserve
Jun-11-2022Jun-19-2022$ 1,105No10 spots left Reserve
Jun-15-2022Jun-23-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Jun-18-2022Jun-26-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Jun-22-2022Jun-30-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Jun-25-2022Jul-03-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-02-2022Jul-10-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-04-2022Jul-12-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-09-2022Jul-17-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-11-2022Jul-19-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-16-2022Jul-24-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-18-2022Jul-26-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-23-2022Jul-31-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-27-2022Aug-04-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-30-2022Aug-07-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-01-2022Aug-09-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-03-2022Aug-11-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-06-2022Aug-14-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-13-2022Aug-21-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-20-2022Aug-28-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-27-2022Sep-04-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-03-2022Sep-11-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-05-2022Sep-13-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-10-2022Sep-18-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-12-2022Sep-20-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-17-2022Sep-25-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-24-2022Oct-02-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-26-2022Oct-04-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Oct-01-2022Oct-09-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Oct-03-2022Oct-11-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Oct-08-2022Oct-16-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Oct-15-2022Oct-23-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Oct-22-2022Oct-30-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Oct-29-2022Nov-06-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Nov-05-2022Nov-13-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Nov-12-2022Nov-20-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Nov-19-2022Nov-27-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Nov-26-2022Dec-04-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-03-2022Dec-11-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-10-2022Dec-18-2022$ 1,025No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-17-2022Dec-25-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-19-2022Dec-27-2022$ 1,065No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-21-2022Dec-29-2022$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-24-2022Jan-01-2023$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
Dec-26-2022Jan-03-2023$ 1,105No12 spots left Reserve
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Beautiful Bali

It was a well organised trip with

It was a well organised trip with the booklet explaining details.

The trip was organized very well, I

The trip was organized very well, I always felt comfortable. Great guide (Maman) and group! Very nice hotels and places to visit!_x000D_
Note: The only thing, I didn't like were the stops in the shops (like jewelry shop, coffee shop...). In my opinion, it doesn't fit in the overall concept of intrepid.
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I had a brilliant holiday

I had a brilliant holiday

I think Intrepid combines a great travel

I think Intrepid combines a great travel experience (visiting the touristy and not so touristy places, good activities (treks, snorkelling, biking)) with social responsibility/sustainability.
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We were very happy with our trip!

We were very happy with our trip!

We had an incredible trip- absolutely loved

We had an incredible trip- absolutely loved Bali!!! Our guide Nova was amazing and couldn't have been more helpful. We deeply recommend this trip to friends and would love to travel with Intrepid again.
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Flight & Transport Inclusions

All internal ground transport Local van,Private vehicle,Boat,Bicycle

Group Size

Small Group - 24 max

Maximum Number of People in Group: 12


Resort (2 nights) Hotel (6 nights)


All group trips are accompanied by one of our group leaders. The aim of the group leader is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. Intrepid endeavours to provide the services of an experienced leader however, due to the seasonality of travel, rare situations may arise where your leader is new to a particular region or training other group leaders. Your leader will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense, you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the places visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious, and social aspects. At Intrepid we aim to support local guides who have specialised knowledge of the regions we visit. If you were interested in delving deeper into the local culture at a specific site or location then your leader can recommend a local guide service in most of the main destinations of your trip.

Age Notes :

Min. Age: 15

Max Age: 99

Additional Information

Finish point

  • Bumi Ayu Bungalow
  • Jalan Bumi Ayu no: 8X, Sanur
  • Sanur
  • Sanur
  • Phone: +62 361289101

Trip ID#:


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