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Hong Kong and Macau Experience tour

Hong Kong and Macau Experience

Trafalgar Premier
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4.5 . Great
Travel Style: N/A
Physical Level: Walking or physical activity half to most of day - no carrying equipment. Easy
Lodging Level: 3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards. Comfort (4*)
4 days
From: $ 2,095 $ 524 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Explore Hong Kong and Macau
  • Visit Victoria Peak and Stanley Market in Hong Kong, and the A-Ma Temple and the Ruins of St Pauls in Macau
  • View the Macau cityscape and China from the Observation Lounge of the Macau Tower
  • Dive into Culture

Short Description

Indulge in a melting pot of British, Portuguese and Chinese flavours on this short hop through Hong Kong and Macau – dramatic skyscrapers and bustling street markets are yours to explore.

Style Group tour
Itinerary Focus N/A
3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards.
Lodging Level Comfort (4*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
Start City Hong Kong
End City Hong Kong



Attractions & Cities Visited

Hong Kong

Activities & Interests

Culture Historic sightseeing

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Day 1: Welcome to Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s soaring skyline provides a magnificent backdrop for your soulful encounter with one of the world’s busiest cities – a shopping, cultural and dining mecca and your home for the next three nights. On arrival, you’ll be transferred to your hotel in the heart of Kowloon.

Day 2: See the Sights of Hong Kong

This morning, we ascend to the top of Victoria Peak, taking the funicular railway which has ferried visitors up to the 373-metre summit since 1888. Admire the iconic views over Victoria Harbour and the lush hills that loom beyond glittering skycrapers. Our City Tour continues to Aberdeen Fishing Village where we’ll Dive Into Culture and embark on a sampan ride for insights into the lives of the fishermen who live and work on their boats. Next, we’ll indulge in a steaming Dim Sum lunch on board the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant, favoured by international celebrities and dignitaries. Then it’s time for some bargain hunting Hong Kong-style as we venture to Stanley Market, one of Hong Kong’s oldest settlements. Strolling along its promenade and past stalls laden with memorabilia, clothes and other trinkets, it will be hard to imagine its colourful past as a pirate and smugglers’ haunt. We’ll return to our hotel later, enjoying an evening at leisure to immerse ourselves in the vibrant nightlife of Hong Kong.

Day 3: Explore Historical Macau

The dazzling playground of Macau takes centre stage today as we board a high-speed ferry bound for its glitz and glamour. On arrival, we’ll meet our Local Specialist who will accompany us throughout the day and reveal how 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule have made their mark on the culture and cuisine of this Chinese territory. We’ll drive along the Guia Circuit (Grand Prix Race Track) and see the golden statue of Kun Iam, the Goddess of Mercy before stopping at the 15th century Taoist A-Ma Temple dedicated to the Chinese Sea Goddess. Legend has it that Portuguese sailors named the enclave A-Ma-Gao to thank her for saving their ship in a storm. We continue to Macau Tower, ascending to its Observation Deck for panoramic views of the Macau cityscape, China, the Pearl River and even some islands of Hong Kong on a clear day. After lunch, we’ll visit the intricately carved stone façade that is all that remains of St. Paul's. Then, we’ll walk through the historic Senado Square towards Monte Fort, the former residence of governors and bastion against attempted invasions. Our final stop today will be to hedge your bets at one of Macau's top casinos before returning to Hong Kong by ferry.

Day 4: Farewell Hong Kong

Our brief encounter with Hong Kong's imposing skyline and the glamour of Macau at its end, we'll take a transfer to Hong Kong International Airport for your onward flight.


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Price From $ 2,095
Price Per Day: $ 524 per day
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Start DateFinish DateBase PriceAvailability 
Mar-31-2023Apr-03-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-01-2023Apr-04-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-02-2023Apr-05-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-03-2023Apr-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-04-2023Apr-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-05-2023Apr-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-06-2023Apr-09-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-07-2023Apr-10-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-08-2023Apr-11-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-09-2023Apr-12-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Apr-10-2023Apr-13-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-11-2023Apr-14-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-12-2023Apr-15-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-13-2023Apr-16-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-14-2023Apr-17-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-15-2023Apr-18-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-16-2023Apr-19-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-17-2023Apr-20-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-18-2023Apr-21-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-19-2023Apr-22-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-20-2023Apr-23-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-21-2023Apr-24-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-22-2023Apr-25-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-23-2023Apr-26-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-24-2023Apr-27-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-25-2023Apr-28-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-26-2023Apr-29-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-27-2023Apr-30-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-28-2023May-01-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-29-2023May-02-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Apr-30-2023May-03-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
May-01-2023May-04-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
May-02-2023May-05-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
May-03-2023May-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-04-2023May-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-05-2023May-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-06-2023May-09-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-07-2023May-10-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-08-2023May-11-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-09-2023May-12-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-10-2023May-13-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-11-2023May-14-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-12-2023May-15-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-13-2023May-16-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-14-2023May-17-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-15-2023May-18-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-16-2023May-19-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-17-2023May-20-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-18-2023May-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-19-2023May-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-20-2023May-23-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-21-2023May-24-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-22-2023May-25-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-23-2023May-26-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-24-2023May-27-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-25-2023May-28-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-26-2023May-29-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-27-2023May-30-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-28-2023May-31-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-29-2023Jun-01-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-30-2023Jun-02-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
May-31-2023Jun-03-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-01-2023Jun-04-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-02-2023Jun-05-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-03-2023Jun-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-04-2023Jun-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-05-2023Jun-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-06-2023Jun-09-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-07-2023Jun-10-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-08-2023Jun-11-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-09-2023Jun-12-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-10-2023Jun-13-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-11-2023Jun-14-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-12-2023Jun-15-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-13-2023Jun-16-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-14-2023Jun-17-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-15-2023Jun-18-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-16-2023Jun-19-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-17-2023Jun-20-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-18-2023Jun-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-19-2023Jun-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-20-2023Jun-23-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-21-2023Jun-24-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-22-2023Jun-25-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-23-2023Jun-26-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-24-2023Jun-27-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-25-2023Jun-28-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-26-2023Jun-29-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-27-2023Jun-30-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-28-2023Jul-01-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-29-2023Jul-02-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jun-30-2023Jul-03-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-01-2023Jul-04-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-02-2023Jul-05-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-03-2023Jul-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-04-2023Jul-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-05-2023Jul-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-06-2023Jul-09-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-07-2023Jul-10-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-08-2023Jul-11-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-09-2023Jul-12-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-10-2023Jul-13-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-11-2023Jul-14-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-12-2023Jul-15-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-13-2023Jul-16-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-14-2023Jul-17-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-15-2023Jul-18-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-16-2023Jul-19-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-17-2023Jul-20-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-18-2023Jul-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-19-2023Jul-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-20-2023Jul-23-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-21-2023Jul-24-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-22-2023Jul-25-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-23-2023Jul-26-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-24-2023Jul-27-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-25-2023Jul-28-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-26-2023Jul-29-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-27-2023Jul-30-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-28-2023Jul-31-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-29-2023Aug-01-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-30-2023Aug-02-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Jul-31-2023Aug-03-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-01-2023Aug-04-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-02-2023Aug-05-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-03-2023Aug-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-04-2023Aug-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-05-2023Aug-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-06-2023Aug-09-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-07-2023Aug-10-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-08-2023Aug-11-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-09-2023Aug-12-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-10-2023Aug-13-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-11-2023Aug-14-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-12-2023Aug-15-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-13-2023Aug-16-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-14-2023Aug-17-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-15-2023Aug-18-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-16-2023Aug-19-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-17-2023Aug-20-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-18-2023Aug-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-19-2023Aug-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-20-2023Aug-23-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-21-2023Aug-24-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-22-2023Aug-25-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-23-2023Aug-26-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-24-2023Aug-27-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-25-2023Aug-28-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-26-2023Aug-29-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-27-2023Aug-30-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-28-2023Aug-31-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-29-2023Sep-01-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-30-2023Sep-02-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Aug-31-2023Sep-03-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-01-2023Sep-04-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-02-2023Sep-05-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-03-2023Sep-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-04-2023Sep-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-05-2023Sep-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-06-2023Sep-09-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-07-2023Sep-10-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-08-2023Sep-11-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-09-2023Sep-12-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-10-2023Sep-13-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-11-2023Sep-14-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-12-2023Sep-15-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-13-2023Sep-16-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-14-2023Sep-17-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-15-2023Sep-18-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-16-2023Sep-19-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-17-2023Sep-20-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-18-2023Sep-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-19-2023Sep-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-20-2023Sep-23-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-21-2023Sep-24-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-22-2023Sep-25-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-23-2023Sep-26-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-24-2023Sep-27-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-25-2023Sep-28-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-26-2023Sep-29-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-27-2023Sep-30-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-28-2023Oct-01-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Sep-29-2023Oct-02-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Sep-30-2023Oct-03-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-01-2023Oct-04-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-02-2023Oct-05-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-03-2023Oct-06-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-04-2023Oct-07-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-05-2023Oct-08-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-06-2023Oct-09-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-07-2023Oct-10-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-08-2023Oct-11-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-09-2023Oct-12-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Oct-10-2023Oct-13-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-11-2023Oct-14-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-12-2023Oct-15-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-13-2023Oct-16-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-14-2023Oct-17-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-15-2023Oct-18-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-16-2023Oct-19-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-17-2023Oct-20-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-18-2023Oct-21-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-19-2023Oct-22-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-20-2023Oct-23-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-21-2023Oct-24-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-22-2023Oct-25-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-23-2023Oct-26-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-24-2023Oct-27-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-25-2023Oct-28-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-26-2023Oct-29-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-27-2023Oct-30-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-28-2023Oct-31-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-29-2023Nov-01-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-30-2023Nov-02-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Oct-31-2023Nov-03-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Nov-01-2023Nov-04-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Nov-02-2023Nov-05-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Nov-03-2023Nov-06-2023$ 2,295Available Reserve
Nov-04-2023Nov-07-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-05-2023Nov-08-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-06-2023Nov-09-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-07-2023Nov-10-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-08-2023Nov-11-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-09-2023Nov-12-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-10-2023Nov-13-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-11-2023Nov-14-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-12-2023Nov-15-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-13-2023Nov-16-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-14-2023Nov-17-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-15-2023Nov-18-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Nov-16-2023Nov-19-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-17-2023Nov-20-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-18-2023Nov-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-19-2023Nov-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-20-2023Nov-23-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-21-2023Nov-24-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-22-2023Nov-25-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-23-2023Nov-26-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-24-2023Nov-27-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-25-2023Nov-28-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-26-2023Nov-29-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-27-2023Nov-30-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-28-2023Dec-01-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-29-2023Dec-02-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Nov-30-2023Dec-03-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-01-2023Dec-04-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-02-2023Dec-05-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-03-2023Dec-06-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-04-2023Dec-07-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-05-2023Dec-08-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-06-2023Dec-09-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-07-2023Dec-10-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-08-2023Dec-11-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-09-2023Dec-12-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-10-2023Dec-13-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-11-2023Dec-14-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-12-2023Dec-15-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-13-2023Dec-16-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-14-2023Dec-17-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-15-2023Dec-18-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-16-2023Dec-19-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-17-2023Dec-20-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-18-2023Dec-21-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-19-2023Dec-22-2023$ 2,095Available Reserve
Dec-20-2023Dec-23-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-21-2023Dec-24-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-22-2023Dec-25-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-23-2023Dec-26-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-24-2023Dec-27-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-25-2023Dec-28-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-26-2023Dec-29-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-27-2023Dec-30-2023$ 2,195Available Reserve
Dec-28-2023Dec-31-2023$ 2,375Available Reserve
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Hong Kong and Macau Experience

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Company Reviews

Terrible Customer service

Terrible Customer service ! Book with another tour company to save o all the aggravation

Support correspondence too slow.

I’ve traveled to over 30 foreign countries. This is the first time I’ve tried Trafalgar. Initially, signing up and paying for the trip went fine. But the customer support is awful. I’ve waited days for return emails and hours on end for return phone calls. Their recordings apologize for slow service but that only goes so far. They need to ramp up their staff to handle their sales volume.
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Trip is a let down before it even happens.

I haven’t even gone on my trip yet and I will never use Trafalgar for another trip. I booked the Highlights of Eastern Europe trip for September 2022 in early 2022. After I booked the trip I got a new job and moved to a new city. Being a new employee I would not have enough leave to go on the trip. I notified Trafalgar in writing more than 90 days before the trip and requested to reschedule for September 2023. I received an email back canceling my reservation, which was paid in full, and instructing me to call when I was ready to reschedule. When I called to reschedule I was first told I couldn’t reschedule because the trip was less than 90 days. We went back and forth because I had given them notice in writing prior to the 90 days. Finally they allowed me to reschedule but raised the price. When I questioned it I was told there weren’t any deals at that time but if a deal became available to call back and they would give me that price. I originally paid $4095 for a single room and was now being charged $4795. So I checked online today and saw to book this trip today for a single room it would be $4195. I called Trafalgar to get my bill adjusted. They refused saying they don’t do that, even though I was told last summer to call back if the price went down. So I am stuck overpaying for this trip and I’m already disappointed with their customer service. I will never use this company to travel with again. Horrible customer service and they don’t stand by what they say. You can never get through when you call them. 2 hour wait times. I am now wondering what their customer service will be like during the trip. This is an expensive trip and I feel really let down and taken advantage of by this company. Corporate greed at its finest.
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The disgusting people at trafalgar are thieves! My elderly mother booked a trip in 2020 and spent a LOT of money on the trip…Covid hits. So trafalgar opts to take my elderly mothers money, and say thanks! No trip. No returned money. Just a nice “f*** you!” to my elderly mother! 3 YEARS OF FIGHTING!!!! TRAFALGAR IS A HORRIBLE, EVIL COMPANY!!!!
Read more

cannot get answer for my incorrect itinerary

I waited 3 1/2 hours for a return call about a mistake on my itinerary and apparently the customer service person didn’t like my issue because he hung up on me.

I called back and have waited almost another 3 hours for a return call. They told me it would be 66 minutes.
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Worst communication

It was the worst communication experience I have had with any service company.
Last month, I tried to book the "European Whirl" summer trip for family of four. Their customer service phone was always busy, the online chat was slow and the outsourced reps were not helpful. The only way to communicate was through email. But most emails were generated by system so they never really answered my questions. When I complained, I got an email like: we are extremely busy now, and the average call waiting time is more than 3 hours, you have to wait in the line just like everybody else...
It seems like they did not want to do business with me and I was begging them to take my money. So I ended up booking a similar trip with another company which I intentionally called three times just to make sure their customer service was working.
Absolutely Unbelievable!
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  • Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted
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  • All hotel tips, charges and local taxes
  • Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals
  • Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras
  • All transport and transfers shown
  • Optional Experiences and free time

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Meals Included

  • 3 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
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"Remember happiness is a way of travel not a destination."
Roy Goodman
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