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Top 50-Plus Travel Attractions

Discover a world of diverse experiences — cultural immersions, outdoor adventures, and leisurely escapes — tailored for adults over 50 with our curated selection of travel groups.
  • Waking to the rising sun in an African game lodge to a view of giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest sipping side by side at a watering hole just outside your window
  • Sipping wine on deck or on your balcony as your river cruise boat drifts past an ever-changing panorama of old-world Europe
  • Walking alongside strange-looking iguanas, exotic birds, and giant tortoises -- all unafraid of humans -- as you tour the Galapagos Islands
  • Setting eyes on the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, and the temples of Kyoto on a grand tour -- or better yet, tours -- of Asia
  • Gazing at the vast Amazon rainforests via riverboat while listening to howler monkeys crying in the distance
  • Marveling at the sheer force of power generated by waters flowing over Victoria Falls in Africa and Iguassu Falls in South America
  • Birding in the Costa Rican rainforests and coming upon a rare species to add to your life list
  • Landing on the seventh continent, Antarctica, on an expedition-style cruise that only a few people will ever experience
  • Discovering the birthplaces of the Americas on journeys to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Quebec City in Canada
  • Trekking to Peru's Machu Picchu or atop Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro to test your mettle and enjoy some of the world's finest views
  • Rafting the wild rivers of Idaho, California, or West Virginia under the expert direction of an experienced guide
  • Taking a small ship cruise along the gorgeous and historic coastlines of Croatia, Turkey or Greece

50-Plus Travel Tours & Travel Guide

50-Plus Travel Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Traveling in your 50s can be very rewarding, especially today when travel has become easily accessible. Destinations that once seemed too remote and exotic to visit, particularly for folks over 50 — from the jungles of Costa Rica to the mountains of Bhutan, from the plains of East Africa to the icy waters of Antarctica — are now just a plane, train, or boat ride away. 
With a dizzying number of travel opportunities, planning a trip can seem overwhelming. Airline routes, fares, and travel costs have become more complex, while the abundance of online advice can add to the confusion. 
Independent travel, in general, can sometimes become more troublesome than it's worth — mainly when you have limited time to plan for a trip that may take you far away and last a week or longer.
However, joining a travel group for adults over 50 offers a solution, providing curated experiences and expert guidance to simplify the process and ensure memorable journeys without the hassle of booking your own trip and handling all the logistics yourself.
A Travel Group for Adults Over 50 Can Be the Best Solution
Adults over 50 are typically in a unique position where they have more time and resources to invest in their passion and curiosity to see the world. They also value the expertise and convenience provided by professional tour operators
Travel groups for adults over 50 offer a tailored solution for mature adventurers seeking enriching experiences.  
Today, tour companies are meeting the needs of over 50 travelers by offering personalized vacations with amenities like accessible accommodations, leisurely-paced itineraries, and knowledgeable guides. 
From African safaris to treks to Machu Picchu, river cruises through Europe or Southeast Asia, small ship expeditions to the Galapagos, or culture-minded trips to Greece, Turkey, Italy, or Egypt, these tours cater to diverse interests. 
Similarly, North America's national parks and archaeological treasures in Mexico and Central America beckon 50-plus travelers. With expert guidance and diverse adventures, over 50 travel tours create lasting memories without the hassle of planning every detail.
Top Travel Activities for People Over 50  
In 2023, the number of leisure travelers increased by 22%, primarily driven by Generation X and Millennials. However, Baby Boomers spend the most on leisure travel (around $2,387 per capita). They have more money to spend on more luxurious experiences, and they are treating themselves!
Among the top over-50 travel trends are bucket-list trips — summer vacations, weekend getaways, international vacations, domestic trips, and heritage travel. Most 50-plus travel enthusiasts desire experiential travel. 
Most travelers expect over 50 travel groups to offer immersive, expert-led tours with small group sizes- anything but sedentary — the tour operators have been quick to discover. 
To that end, tour companies focusing on the 50-plus age group offer hands-on learning and workshops, locally guided tours, and behind-the-scenes sightseeing, from art-history tours in Italy to culinary tours in Thailand
With more time for travel, over 50 travel tours are usually longer — typically a week or more — allowing more time to unplug and really engage in their destination.
Cruises for Adults Over 50
Cruises are popular among travelers in their 50s, offering convenience and accessibility to remote destinations. Traveling by ship eliminates the hassle of changing accommodations and dining arrangements. It is ideal for senior travelers over 50 seeking stress-free travel and meeting like-minded people on relatively longer trips.  
Discover the breathtaking fjords of Norway or the vibrant islands of the Caribbean from the comfort of a cruise ship. Alternatively, explore Eastern Europe on a river cruise down the Danube or immerse yourself in the treasures of Egypt along the Nile
Whether on the open seas or peaceful rivers, cruise adventures cater to the diverse interests of travel groups for adults over 50, ensuring unforgettable experiences.
Adventure Travel Groups for Adults Over 50 
Over 50 travel groups embrace soft travel adventures. From hiking and cycling to birdwatching, they seek experiences blending physical activity with exploration.
Rather than opting for leisurely pursuits, couples and single travelers in their 50s prefer active sightseeing over traditional sightseeing tours, such as guided glacier walks in Iceland or cycling through Catalan villages. These walking and trekking activities provide a unique way to discover destinations while staying active.
Despite their adventurous spirit, over 50 travel enthusiasts appreciate comfort and luxury. Active vacations tailored for this age group offer a balance of adventure and relaxation, such as river cruising along the Danube in a state-of-the-art ship with daytime biking and walking tours through Austria's wine country.
That's the beauty of over 50 trips — they can be as active as you want, with various excursions and levels available.
Travel Groups for Singles Over 50 
Solo travel among the 50-plus demographic is on the rise, offering mature travelers the chance to explore the world at their own pace. Safety and affordability are key considerations for those traveling alone when selecting destinations. 
Travel groups for singles over 50 usually include places where travelers can immerse themselves in history and culture while connecting with like-minded individuals. Destinations offering opportunities like river cruises, soft adventure tours, walking tours, and cycling tours are popular.
Fortunately, many tour companies have eliminated single supplement fees, making traveling solo more accessible than ever. Guided tours and cruises designed exclusively for single travel provide ample opportunities to connect with other like-minded people in the group.
While women make up the majority of single over 50 travelers, both men and women value authentic local experiences and the security of small-group guided tours. These guided tours perfectly balance group activities and free time for independent exploration.
Travel Groups for Couples Over 50 
For couples over 50, travel presents an opportunity to reconnect, explore new travel destinations, and create lasting memories together. With grown-up children and retirement on the horizon, many couples are eager to embark on discovery tours and adventure pursuits tailored to their interests and preferences.
Travel groups for couples over 50 offer a range of options, from romantic getaways to cultural immersions and outdoor adventures. Whether it's a leisurely river cruise along Europe's historic waterways or a thrilling safari in Africa, there's something to suit every couple's taste.
These guided tours provide the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration, with expert guides leading the way and taking care of all the details. Couples can enjoy shared experiences while also having the freedom to pursue individual interests during free time.
Whether seeking romance, adventure, or cultural enrichment, travel groups for couples over 50 offer the ideal setting to bond and create cherished memories.
Relatively Relaxed Over 50 Travel Tours
Travel groups for adults over 50 offer a perfect blend of exploration and relaxation. While still adventurous, these tours prioritize comfort and leisure, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable journey.
With a focus on comfortable accommodations, authentic local cuisine, and convenient transportation, over 50 travel groups provide a more relaxed pace, allowing travelers to savor each destination fully. 
Instead of strenuous activities, these itineraries may include opportunities for photography, fishing, wine tasting, or immersive cultural experiences.
At Travelstride, we understand the unique needs of travelers over 50, and our curated tours will help you find the perfect tour that aligns with your interests and preferences. , fishing, or may allow extra time for cultural immersion.
Top Destinations for Over 50 Travel Groups
Europe tops the chart for favorite destinations for 50-plus travel, particularly England, Italy, and France. Within the U.S., 50-plus travelers primarily head to the southern and western states, with Florida, California, and New York being the top three most popular domestic destinations. 
Older travelers also head to the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East. South American tours are in, too, as new upscale tour operators introduce a range of experiences beyond Machu Picchu (think hiking in Patagonia and Colombia coffee tours).
Small group guided tours, or river cruises, are a comfortable, safe way to explore new destinations — say, Asia or the Middle East — where cuisine, culture, and landscapes may be new and different. 
Traveling with a reputable tour company in these regions allows over 50 travelers to immerse themselves in an entirely new and fascinating destination, yet with the safety net of guides who know their way around. 
No matter where your wanderlust takes you, over 50 tour packages await you. From Egyptian pyramids and Petra to cycling in Japan to snorkeling in Belize, 50-plus travel is immersive, experiential, and gratifying.
Physical Requirements For Tourists Over 50
Understanding the physical requirements of your desired tour is crucial for preparing for the trip and managing expectations. 
On Travelstride, tours are categorized into five primary physical levels: Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Strenuous, and Extreme, providing clarity on the level of activity involved. This knowledge not only ensures you can fully enjoy your vacation but also helps alleviate stress by informing your packing decisions. 
For instance, for walking tours rated as "Easy," you may pack extra walking clothes. In contrast, river cruises ("Very Easy") allow for indulgent packing with the convenience of only unpacking once. 
Travel groups for adults over 50 typically sport Moderate and Easy range, which include cruises and guided tours with half-day walking, and some may consist of adventurous pursuits like kayaking or camel riding
Those with limited mobility may favor over 50 tour groups rated Very Easy, such as river cruises and train journeys. Remember to verify wheelchair accessibility with the tour company to ensure the trip is right for you. 

50-Plus Travel Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5  Excellent
20,802  Reviews
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Carol Gajewski

Jun 2024

Written on

Italian Escapade Small Group

This was by far the tour of a lifetime. We saw and experienced so much of this beautiful country. Our guide Mijta and our coach driver Enzo were the best. Also bein...


Lynn Caschera

Jun 2024

Written on

Italian Escapade Small Group

We had the most wonderful vacation of our lives! Mitja Pinter was the best tour guide ever. Treated everyone like they were the only people on the tour. If you asked...


Brenda Lowe

Jun 2024

Written on

Italian Escapade Small Group

We chose this itinerary because it included all the highlights that we wanted. But to get all the highlights that we wanted we had to accept some that we didn't real...


Wayne Martin

Jun 2024

Written on

Italian Escapade Small Group

The trip hit all the major sites in italy. The tour guide Mitja. Was very accommodating professional and friendly. Enzo was the best bus driver i have ever seem. T...

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