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Southern Grace (Small Groups) tour
Cultural Culture Southern Grace (Small Groups) package

Southern Grace (Small Groups)

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    10 days
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    Short Description

    Enjoy everything from rock 'n roll to Creole cuisine on this 9-Day guided tour that stretches from Nashville to New Orleans. In the birthplace of country music, take a tour of historic Studio B, in Nashville, with a professional sound engineer, who will record you and your fellow travelers singing for a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake. Later, visit the Country Music Hall of Fame on private tour and meet a local singer who will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the songwriting process. In Memphis, marvel at the mansion where Elvis once lived: Graceland. At the Houmas House plantation, take part in a Creole cooking demonstration, then feast on traditional Southern dishes for dinner. Allow a Local Expert to lead you through New Orleans’ best sites, from bustling Jackson Square to idyllic City Park.

    Style Group tour
    See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
    Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
    The highest level of comfort and service. All accomodations are in four or five star hotels, boutique lodges or high-end homestays.
    Lodging Level Luxury (5*)
    Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
    Start City Nashville (TN)
    End City New Orleans


    United States

    Attractions & Cities Visited


    Activities & Interests

    Culture Luxury Travel

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    Day 1: Arrive in Nashville

    Your journey through the South begins by private transfer to your luxurious hotel, once a bustling train station from the early 1900s. Tonight, get your first taste of Deep South cuisine.

    Grand Hyatt Nashville


    Day 2: Nashville's Musical History.

    Visit Nashville’s highlights and participate in a rare recording session at Studio B joining a singer/songwriter to learn the stories behind the hits. Enjoy a performance at the Grand Ole Opry and, if you are traveling on a Founder's Collection departure, meet a Grammy-winning legend.

    Grand Hyatt Nashville


    Day 3: Memphis and Graceland Relaxed Start Your Way

    Personalise your day in Memphis with a tour of Elvis’ Graceland or afternoon tea at The Peabody. Learn about the personal side of "The King" or enjoy the only traditional English afternoon tea in Memphis at the opulent Chez Philippe dining room.

    Grand Hyatt Nashville


    Day 4: The Best of Memphis

    Continue your exploration of Memphis with a backstage pass to visit Central BBQ, one of the city's oldest and most iconic BBQ establishments. Meet Clint Cantwell, a renowned grilling expert over a hosted lunch of Central BBQ's famed Pulled Pork, Brisket & Ribs accompanied by tempting sides like slaw and other BBQ classics on a rare event usually only local insiders get to experience. Later, delve into the Memphis music scene with a visit to the Sun Studio, "The Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll," led by a local musician.

    The Peabody Memphis.

    Breakfast, Lunch

    Day 5: Mississippi Mystique in Natchez

    The South’s unique architecture comes to life in Natchez’s antebellum homes. Tour an 1850s home or visit the Dunleith Historic Inn for a mixology class. At Monmouth Historic Inn & Gardens, learn the science behind the mint julep before a three-course dinner.

    Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens, Natchez.

    Breakfast, Dinner

    Day 6: Frogmore, Houmas House, and New Orleans

    Gain insight into the history of the South at Frogmore Plantation and Gins, and Houmas House Plantation and Gardens. The French Quarter’s historic Ritz Carlton New Orleans welcomes you for the evening.

    The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.


    Day 7: New Orleans Sightseeing Relaxed Start

    Explore the Big Easy’s iconic sights and stroll through a beautiful above-ground cemetery. Embark on a behind-the-scenes tour of Mardi Gras World or visit the National WWII Museum.

    The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.


    Day 8: Exploring the Big Easy Relaxed Start

    Dive into the Mississippi River Delta. Discover wildlife in the wetlands and explore the “Islenos” fishing villages over a Bayou-side lunch with a local fisherman.

    The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Day 9: Depart New Orleans

    Bid 'au revoir' to the Big Easy. Sit back and relax as your complimentary transfer escorts you to the Louis Armstrong Airport.



    Checking price
    Price From $ 6,225
    Price Per Day: $ 623 per day
    Checking price
    Start DateFinish DateDouble StandardDeparture GuaranteedAvailability 
    Jan-05-2024Jan-18-2024$ 6,071onRequest Reserve
    Jan-07-2024Jan-18-2024$ 4,989onRequest Reserve
    Feb-16-2024Feb-29-2024$ 6,271available Reserve
    Feb-18-2024Feb-29-2024$ 4,989available Reserve
    Mar-08-2024Mar-21-2024$ 6,071available Reserve
    Mar-10-2024Mar-21-2024$ 4,939available Reserve
    Mar-30-2024Apr-09-2024$ 6,555onRequest Reserve
    Mar-31-2024Apr-11-2024$ 9,475available Reserve
    Apr-01-2024Apr-12-2024$ 8,821closed Reserve
    Apr-06-2024Apr-16-2024$ 6,555available Reserve
    Apr-12-2024Apr-20-2024$ 6,295available Reserve
    Apr-13-2024Apr-23-2024$ 6,445available Reserve
    Apr-14-2024Apr-25-2024$ 9,475available Reserve
    Apr-20-2024Apr-30-2024$ 6,445onRequest Reserve
    Apr-20-2024May-01-2024$ 8,150available Reserve
    Apr-27-2024May-07-2024$ 6,390available Reserve
    May-03-2024May-11-2024$ 6,250available Reserve
    May-03-2024May-15-2024$ 8,525closed Reserve
    May-04-2024May-14-2024$ 6,307available Reserve
    May-05-2024May-16-2024$ 9,950available Reserve
    May-10-2024May-22-2024$ 8,855available Reserve
    May-11-2024May-21-2024$ 6,307available Reserve
    May-11-2024May-22-2024$ 7,922available Reserve
    May-18-2024May-28-2024$ 6,307available Reserve
    May-18-2024May-29-2024$ 8,550available Reserve
    May-19-2024May-30-2024$ 9,995onRequest Reserve
    May-21-2024Jun-02-2024$ 7,675available Reserve
    May-24-2024Jun-05-2024$ 8,498closed Reserve
    May-26-2024Jun-06-2024$ 10,095available Reserve
    Jun-01-2024Jun-12-2024$ 7,972available Reserve
    Jun-07-2024Jun-19-2024$ 8,443available Reserve
    Jun-08-2024Jun-19-2024$ 9,405closed Reserve
    Jun-15-2024Jun-26-2024$ 7,922available Reserve
    Jun-16-2024Jun-27-2024$ 10,175closed Reserve
    Jun-21-2024Jul-03-2024$ 8,443available Reserve
    Jun-22-2024Jul-03-2024$ 8,550available Reserve
    Jun-23-2024Jul-04-2024$ 10,175available Reserve
    Jun-29-2024Jul-10-2024$ 8,222closed Reserve
    Jun-30-2024Jul-11-2024$ 9,850available Reserve
    Jul-06-2024Jul-17-2024$ 8,550available Reserve
    Jul-07-2024Jul-18-2024$ 9,795available Reserve
    Jul-13-2024Jul-24-2024$ 8,322available Reserve
    Jul-14-2024Jul-25-2024$ 9,795available Reserve
    Jul-19-2024Jul-31-2024$ 8,025available Reserve
    Jul-20-2024Jul-31-2024$ 8,975closed Reserve
    Jul-21-2024Aug-01-2024$ 9,795available Reserve
    Jul-27-2024Aug-07-2024$ 8,322closed Reserve
    Jul-28-2024Aug-08-2024$ 9,450available Reserve
    Aug-10-2024Aug-21-2024$ 8,550available Reserve
    Aug-10-2024Aug-21-2024$ 8,272available Reserve
    Aug-16-2024Aug-28-2024$ 8,025available Reserve
    Aug-17-2024Aug-28-2024$ 8,550closed Reserve
    Aug-18-2024Aug-29-2024$ 9,450available Reserve
    Aug-24-2024Sep-04-2024$ 8,550available Reserve
    Aug-25-2024Sep-05-2024$ 9,795available Reserve
    Aug-30-2024Sep-11-2024$ 8,388available Reserve
    Aug-31-2024Sep-11-2024$ 8,222available Reserve
    Sep-01-2024Sep-12-2024$ 10,175available Reserve
    Sep-06-2024Sep-17-2024$ 9,995available Reserve
    Sep-08-2024Sep-19-2024$ 10,150available Reserve
    Sep-10-2024Sep-22-2024$ 7,675available Reserve
    Sep-13-2024Sep-21-2024$ 6,250available Reserve
    Sep-13-2024Sep-24-2024$ 9,975available Reserve
    Sep-13-2024Sep-25-2024$ 8,575closed Reserve
    Sep-14-2024Sep-25-2024$ 8,595closed Reserve
    Sep-15-2024Sep-26-2024$ 10,125onRequest Reserve
    Sep-20-2024Oct-02-2024$ 8,795available Reserve
    Sep-21-2024Oct-02-2024$ 8,595available Reserve
    Sep-27-2024Oct-05-2024$ 6,295available Reserve
    Sep-27-2024Oct-08-2024$ 9,875available Reserve
    Sep-27-2024Oct-09-2024$ 8,498available Reserve
    Sep-28-2024Oct-08-2024$ 6,307available Reserve
    Sep-28-2024Oct-09-2024$ 8,925available Reserve
    Sep-29-2024Oct-10-2024$ 9,950available Reserve
    Oct-04-2024Oct-16-2024$ 8,635available Reserve
    Oct-05-2024Oct-15-2024$ 6,417available Reserve
    Oct-06-2024Oct-17-2024$ 9,950onRequest Reserve
    Oct-12-2024Oct-22-2024$ 6,417available Reserve
    Oct-13-2024Oct-24-2024$ 9,950available Reserve
    Oct-18-2024Oct-26-2024$ 6,225available Reserve
    Oct-19-2024Oct-29-2024$ 6,417onRequest Reserve
    Oct-26-2024Nov-05-2024$ 6,417closed Reserve
    Dec-02-2024Dec-13-2024$ 8,821available Reserve
    Jan-20-2025Jan-31-2025$ 9,285available Reserve
    Feb-17-2025Feb-28-2025$ 9,285available Reserve
    Mar-10-2025Mar-21-2025$ 9,285closed Reserve
    Mar-15-2025Apr-06-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    Mar-31-2025Apr-11-2025$ 9,285closed Reserve
    Apr-05-2025Apr-27-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    May-03-2025May-16-2025$ 10,472available Reserve
    May-17-2025May-30-2025$ 10,522available Reserve
    May-31-2025Jun-13-2025$ 10,692available Reserve
    Jun-07-2025Jun-29-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    Jun-14-2025Jun-27-2025$ 11,160onRequest Reserve
    Jun-28-2025Jul-11-2025$ 11,710available Reserve
    Jul-12-2025Jul-25-2025$ 11,682available Reserve
    Jul-26-2025Aug-08-2025$ 11,710available Reserve
    Aug-02-2025Aug-24-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    Aug-09-2025Aug-22-2025$ 11,710available Reserve
    Aug-23-2025Sep-05-2025$ 12,232available Reserve
    Sep-06-2025Sep-19-2025$ 12,260available Reserve
    Sep-13-2025Oct-05-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    Sep-20-2025Oct-03-2025$ 11,985available Reserve
    Sep-20-2025Oct-12-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    Nov-08-2025Nov-30-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
    Nov-15-2025Dec-07-2025$ 14,461available Reserve
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    Southern Grace (Small Groups)

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    Company Reviews

    Inspiring Australia

    Wonderful and fun experience


    overall service and support was great

    A perfect experience

    Exceptional service from first to last minute. Very efficient and easy to navigate

    Excellent service & helpfulness in everyday. I loved the entire experience

    Yes The anticiapted our needs & were so accommodating.

    Train travel in Japan is a unique aspect of tour

    Enjoyed the train travel between cities, but didn't realize how much time would be spent on the bus transport. An estimate in advance would be helpful and a bathroom on the bus for periods over 2 hrs. Hotels were very nice in general except Kyoto in the train station which is very worn and placement in the Imperial Hotel in Tokoyo which you could hear the trains all night long. Welcome dinner and final dinner were not good. 3 hours for the final dinner was too long better spent at the Kabuki theatre or other cultural event. Our guide was lovely, but difficult to understand at times. Hiroshima survivor is a wonderful resource. Presentation was terrible. He read his script in Japanese, our guide translated. Would have preferred to ask him questions after a short introduction. Presentation was too long. Hiroshima museum was packed and we were not able to see the exhibit. Would be nice to visit at a less busy time. Missed Mt Fuji by tram due to miscommunications and weather which was disappointing. Weather did clear and we saw from a distance. Would have liked more guidance on where to go for meals on our own. We often arrived very late and scrambled for a place to eat. Overall a good trip, Japan did not disappoint. People are lovely, respectful and the country is so clean.
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    Overall we really enjoyed our luxury gold tour of Egypt.
    The tours were interesting, accomodation , food and drink were of a high standard.

    However, we were disappointed to discover on day 2 of our tour that the tour to Abu Simbel was not included and an option that required additional payment whilst on the trip.
    This caused us a great deal of stress as we tried to transfer funds to our travel visa card to pay for the tour.
    We weren’t able to do this because the wi fi on the boat was so poor which resulted in my husband resorting to switching his phone onto roaming which was still unsuccessful.
    The end result being we missed the tour and have an additional $110 to pay on our phone bill.
    This scenario could have been avoided if we’d known that we needed extra funds in our travel card for the tour and if the wi fi on the boat was better. (We were advised by our travel agent that we didn’t need to purchase another sim as we’d have access to wi fi !)

    The other main issue confronting us was that we were explicitly told by our Australian travel agent that tips were included in the tour price.
    However, on arrival we were advised by the luxury gold concierge who picked us up at the airport that it is customary to tip guides, drivers etc.
    We hadn’t allowed funds for this which also affected our cash flow and caused us a bit of stress at times.
    There seems to be mixed messaging about tipping in Egypt.

    It’s a pity these things marred an otherwise amazing trip.
    Read more


    Group Size

    Small Group - 24 max

    Maximum Number of People in Group: 24


    • Grand Hyatt Nashville
    • The Peabody Memphis.
    • Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens, Natchez.
    • The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans.

    Trip ID#:


    Meals Included

    • 3 Dinner (D)
    • 8 Breakfast (B)
    • 2 Lunch (L)
    • Nashville: Get acquainted with Nashville's burgeoning food scene as you join your Traveling Concierge for a Welcome Dinner at Henley’s modern American brasserie where inventive small plates and entrées using classical French technique meet sociable Southern dining. Perhaps start with a grilled broccolini Caesar salad followed by American Wagyu strip or parsnip gnocchi before finishing with banana pudding. Raise a glass with one of their signature cocktails such as “Queen’s Cure” and “Henley G & T” and toast to a grand adventure ahead.
    • Memphis: Continue your exploration of Memphis with a backstage pass to Central BBQ Downtown.
    • Natchez: Learn to make the signature drink of the South, the Mint Julep, before an elegant, three-course Southern dinner at the Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens, a National Historic Landmark in Natchez. As you take in your surroundings of this early 19th-century antebellum mansion set in within manicured gardens, let the flavors of the "Crown Julep" show off the best of the South.
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