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Top Cultural Attractions & Experiences

Top Cultural Experiences

  • Visiting ancient temples such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom in Cambodia
  • Watching early morning ritual performance in Ganges River
  • Visiting archaeological sites and museum collection in Greece to learn about ancient Greek culture
  • Discovering monuments of Roman Empire in Italy
  • Visiting the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, Japan
  • Watching the monks chant prayers in Taktsang Palphug Monastery also knows as “Tigers Nest,” in Bhutan

Cultural Tours & Travel Guide

Cultural Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Cultural tours can take many forms: art, architecture, music, and literary tours being perhaps the most common. But cultural tours might also involve interactions with indigenous tribes in South America or visiting villages to learn about daily life in Fiji. While many tours contain major cultural components, some make it their primary focus.

The Arts & National Consciousness

Throughout time, the arts have been a unique and powerful tool. They are used for portraying both political dissonance and dissatisfaction. They are intrinsically linked to the outlook of a nation. They are a great equalizer - whether you “like” a piece of art or not, is irrelevant. All humans create art, and have for thousands of years. It’s one of the quickest avenues to discovering more about a country’s culture.

It’s guaranteed that a cultural tour will incorporate a deep look at the arts - from film, painting, and music, to artifacts and architecture. 

Native Traditions

Learning about the traditions and cultures of native peoples can be a glimpse into the ancient world. Often more closely connected to their culture as a way of life, in some places native populations are struggling to maintain their traditions in a rapidly closing in modern world. Many tours will showcase local artists, visit native villages, present traditional foods, and you may learn a word or two in their language!

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Trusted Customer

Nov 2023

Written on

Highlights of Albania

This trip has a very busy itinerary (moving every night) which allowed us to see a lot within a short time. The mountainous sceneries were breath taking and the citi...



Nov 2023

Written on

Highlights of Albania

The variety of things that we saw and did - and the feeling that ...


Doi Mei Vivian

Nov 2023

Written on

Highlights of Albania

Good coverage of major scenic destinations of Albania's lower half. Suggest to extend to 14 days to allow more free time to explore. Excellent Guide and good driv...

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