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Top Denmark Attractions

  • Enjoying a cycling tour passing scenic canals and streets, lush parks, and the Amalienborg Palace. 
  • Pedalling your way through South Jutland on the Baltic Sea Route where you’ll witness some of Denmark’s most stunning and contrasting landscapes. You will be equally distanced from the North Sea and Baltic Sea, so you can easily explore both breathtaking regions.
  • Climbing the Round Tower to witness some of the best views of Copenhagen.
  • Sampling the fabulously fresh and innovative Nordic cuisine. Many restaurants provide sleek fur blankets and heated lamps for outdoor dining right through the chilly fall months.
  • Exploring Jægersborggade street in Nørrebro and Værnedamsvej street in Vesterbro for shops, cafes, and restaurants showcasing the inspired Danish design.
  • Hopping aboard a canal cruise tour to see the colorful sights of Nyhaven.
  • Taking a bike tour around the unique Freetown Christiania to see Denmark's hippie enclave.
  • Visiting the Louisiana Museum about one hour outside Copenhagen - an impressive modern art museum right on the coastline with gorgeous views, a sprawling sculpture garden, and a top-notch collection (Yayoi Kusama, Gioacommeti, Richard Serra).
  • Taking a journey through time on a guided tour of Kronborg (Hamlet’s castle).
  • Walking around Søerne (the lakes) in the sun and ending up at Queen Louise's Bridge with an impromptu picnic.
  • Strolling the lakesides to take in marvelous views of the city and surrounding scenery. During summer, rent a rowing boat at the Søernes Bådudlejning (Copenhagen Lakes Boat Rentals), located near the Dronning Louises Bridge.
  • Falling for Copenhagen's fairy-tale allure through the history of Hans Christian Andersen, and a visit to the 19th century Tivoli Gardens.
  • Visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
  • Exploring the beautiful Danish countryside

Denmark Tours & Travel Guide

Denmark Attractions & Landmarks Guide

When one thinks of Denmark, Vikings, fairy tales, pastries, and castles might come to mind. All are part of what make Denmark a special place to visit. This small Scandinavian country is a treasure trove of Nordic history, idyllic countryside, and fairy tale heritage (the Little Mermaid Statue is a very popular stop for tourists). The royal family even has their own fairytale story: Mary Donaldson met a young man in a bar in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. He just happened to be the Prince of Denmark.

Top Cultural Activities When Touring Denmark

To begin your trip and get an understanding of the culture of Denmark, take a day to explore Denmark's largest museum of cultural history, the National Museum of Denmark. You can follow the history of the Danes all the way to present day.

The museum contains exhibitions from the Stone Age, Viking Age, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Danish History. Priceless artifacts like the famous Golden Horns, Egyptian mummies, African masks, and much more fill the museum. The museum boasts an immense ethnographical collection, an array of classical and eastern antiquities, a toy museum, and a coin and medal collection.

Go back in time to witness old time Danish town culture with a visit to Den Gamble By, a museum of living history. This outdoor tourist activity features 75 complex buildings with a bakery, pharmacy, merchant's house, school, and toy museum displaying over 6,000 playthings produced during the 19th and 20th centuries.

You can meet people behaving just as they did in the olden days. They might be chopping wood or sewing an old time outfit. You can stop and chat with them and they will fill you in on what it's like living during those times and may even ask you to go fetch some water or a horse drawn carriage.

Enjoy a crisp glass of beer with your history lesson at Visit Carlsberg. The Carlsberg Brewery was founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen and is now a top cultural tourist attraction. The visitor center allows guests to get a firsthand look at the history of the brewery, observe the amazing architecture, and sample delicious beers from all over the world.

You can choose to take a private guided tour or explore on your own to see the largest collection of unopened beer bottles in the world. The center also has a sculpture garden featuring a replica of the famous mermaid sculpture Jacobsen donated to his city and an Elephant Gate with four life-sized granite elephant statues.

The immaculate Dutch baroque style Church of Our Savior is constructed of gold and red bricks with an amazing view of Copenhagen at the top. The upper half is so unique that it  resembles more of a ride at disneyland than a church. The history of the establishment is almost as mystifying as the church itself.

It was built in 1695, but took architect, Lauritz de Thurah, six more decades to finish its famous corkscrew 295 foot spire. Legend has it, Thurah jumped to his death from the top of his creation when he realized the spire twisted in the counterclockwise direction.

Top Cities in Denmark

1. Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and top city is known for its beautiful canals, cozy cafes, amazing architecture, historical landmarks, and cultural flare. Located on the islands of Zealand and Amager, at the southern end of The Sound (Øresund), it is small enough to bicycle from one end to the other in less than an hour, yet is big enough to fill days of itinerary with new experience.

It is officially one of the world's most liveable cities, due to its amazing foods, free health care, free education, and that it is a society focused on the life balance between work and play.

2. Esbjerg, the largest city of Denmark, is known for its picturesque views, nature, museums, shopping, and restaurants. Located next to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea National Park it is just a ferry ride away from Fano on North Sea Island which bares beautiful beaches to relax the day away.

3. Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and was named European Capital of Culture in 2017 for the abundance of attractions it has to offer. With a flourishing art scene, impressive architecture, hip bars and cafes, and plenty of shopping options; this city is an amazing destination for any traveler.

Historically, it is one of the oldest cities in Denmark, but 13% of Aarhus’ population are students, making it the youngest city in Denmark and giving it a touch of youthful energy.

4. If you're looking to explore the history of Denmark and want to learn all about the Vikings then Roskilde is a must see. What was once the capital of Denmark is just a quick thirty minute trip from Copenhagen.

The Viking Ship museum is found here as well as the annual viking festival. The city is also  abundant in contemporary culture with its world-renowned music festival, museum for pop, rock and youth culture and much more.

Outdoor Travel in Denmark

Denmark is filled with places where you can get up close and personal with deer. The animals have been accustomed to humans so you truly can get a very close view of them grazing and if you're lucky you may witness the roaring and strutting of stags in season.

The stag puts on an impressive display to attract females and defend territory. You can see them at Jaegersborg Dyrehave, Haderslev Deer Park, Thy Oxbyl, and Slotved Forest.

Travel like a Dane and breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors on a bicycle. With more than 12,000 kilometers of cycle routes in Denmark you will be able to ride freely and experience Denmark's beauty on your own or take a guided bicycle tour to learn all about the history and culture while sightseeing.

Nothing is as timeless as touring the historic canals of Denmark by boat. Take a lovely guided tour on motorboat, schooner, kayak, or cruise the coast on a sailing ship! If you'd like to be your own capitain you also have the option of renting your own boat and having a romantic picnic on the water or be a chipper skipper on your private vessel.

If you're in Denmark and would like a change of scenery, attempt climbing the Råbjerg Mile sand dune. Denmark's largest sand dune was formed in the 16th century during the great sand migration. It includes breathtaking scenery and resembles more of Africa than Scandinavia.

Each year the dune moves 15 meters towards Northeast and once it reaches an area with trees, or other plantation, it takes around 40 years for the tree to re-emerge on the other side of the dune. You can book a ranger guided tour to learn about the history of the dunes or trek it on your own.

Danish Cuisine

The most popular item that Danes consume for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the famous smørrebrød. It’s an open sandwich consisting of dark brown rye bread, topped with meat or fish, cheeses, spread, and garnishes. Don't worry about where to find it as this item can be found on almost any danish restaurants menu.

If you love pork as much as the Danes do then Stegt flæsk, which is fried pork belly served with potatoes, and white sauce with chopped parsley is a must try dish. In 2014 over 60,000 Danes voted that this dish was their absolute favorite and should therefore be considered their national dish.

If you're hesitant to try unfamiliar foods, or are craving a little taste of home away from home, then you'll want to try Polser. It is the Danish version of an American hot dog, but many say it’s much tastier. It's almost impossible not to trip over a Polser cart being that vendors are so plentiful in the streets of Denmark.

You should also stop in a cute cafe and try the famous Wienerbrød. They are similar to croissants, filled with a mixture of creamed butter and sugar. This is what Americans picture when they think of a danish pastry, but oddly enough danishes in America don’t actually come from Denmark. Instead, we have Austrian bakers to thank, particularly from Vienna in the 1850's when Danish pastry workers went on a long-term wage strike.

Winter Travel in Denmark

A place where you can witness Denmark transform into a winter wonderland during the cold months with its fairytale Christmas village, music events, holiday celebrations, and art installations is Tivoli Gardens. More than half a million lights are used throughout the park. While it is a great place to visit during other times of the year, many say they prefer it during winter because of its aesthetic appeal.

Every winter Frederiksberg Gardens becomes covered in ice and transforms into a festive outdoor skating rink. This free and fun activity is not just a hit amongst tourists - you'll find locals carving up the ice as well.

Live like a Dane and take the plunge! If you enjoy traveling like a local and want to participate in Danish culture then you might want to try winter bathing. Free your mind and test the freezing water with a winter swim. It is known to trigger a sense of well-being and has many health benefits.

If you love the water, but don't want to swim in the freezing cold water like the Danes do with their winter bathing tradition; you can rent a private hot tub and float the day away in the canals. These salt water sailing hot spas are heated to 104 F and can seat up to five people.

Summer Travel in Denmark

When you think of Denmark you may envision being bundled up on a cold winter night with a cup of cocoa in hand, but probably never would have guessed that this country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When the ice melts, the hot sun brings Denmark to life and beachgoers run to the sea. There are hundreds of beaches  to choose from and there's always room for everyone.

Island hopping might sound like something you only do in a tropical paradise like Hawaii, but with over 400 islands, Denmark is the picture perfect place to island hop! Most of the islands can be reached by ferry.

Some of the most popular islands to explore in Denmark include:

1. The island of Samsø is covered with sandy beaches, great fishing, and a flat landscape that make it perfect for a bike ride.

2. Ærø, with its cobbled stone streets, narrow alleys, cozy squares, and colorful old houses portrays Hygge in its best light. It is known for being the “fairytale town.”

3. Anholt is referred to as paradise in Denmark. Located halfway between Sweden and Denmark, it is the country's most isolated island community. It has a no car policy so be prepared to walk or travel by bike.

If you're a music lover spend some time at Aalborg Park. It is very popular during summertime. More than 80 famous artists have left their mark on the city park by planting a tree to commemorate their visit.

Visitors can push a button on some of the trees to hear tunes by musicians like Elton John, Sting, Kenny Rogers, and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Who is Princess Mary?

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, is the wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Her story is one of true fairytale magic.

Mary wasn’t always a royal, in fact she isn't even from Denmark. The story of how she became who she is today is one of the more romantic and wonderful tales of the 21st century. 

Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was born on February 5, 1972, in Hobart, Tasmania. The commerce and law graduate accepted a position at an international advertising agency then worked her way in the ranks to becoming a project consultant for Microsoft Business Solutions in Denmark.

One night while out in a Sydney bar during the 2000 Summer Olympics, she met a man who introduced himself as simply “Fred.” They became engulfed in conversation and could not take their eyes off each other. Before the night ended, a passerby approached Donaldson and asked her if she had any idea who the man was. When he explained to her that he was the Prince of Denmark she was astonished!

The two continued to date for six months then became engaged. She knew of the intense and demanding challenges that came with marrying a royal like relinquishing her Australian citizenship, converting from Presbyterian to the Danish Lutheran Church, learning Danish and agreeing to give up her rights to the couple's children in case of divorce, but her love for him was worth it all.

Mary's elegance and professionalism have won over the hearts of the Danes. A poll found 75 per cent believed she would make an outstanding queen.

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Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords

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You’ll see incredible places

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We did “Complete Scandinavia” trip and had a fabulous time. We enjoyed every place we stayed, from the capital cities to smaller towns like Lillehammer and Gudvangen...



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Simply an amazing trip

Simply an amazing trip - so much seen and done. Each country is uniquely different and it has been great to experience them all. This trip provides a complete Scandi...



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Fantastic insight into Scandinavia

Fantastic insight into Scandinavia. Highlights were the local guide who took us cycling in Copenhagen and a 4th generation local guide at wild, beautiful Vrångö Isla...

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